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Jane Austen in one of literature's most enduring and beloved authors. But what sort of music would go into making the perfect modern playlist for this literary A-lister? You’d need songs that explore class and social behaviors, courtship rituals, and the complicated corners of the female heart. Clever songs that reflect the author’s witty banter, ones with passionate cores for the emotional turmoil her heroines endure. Considering all the balls that are attended in the books, some catchy beats wouldn’t hurt either. And of course the songs would have to be female-powered.

Here's our suggested Jane Austen playlist: 

There’s no doubt that the biggest event of the geek calendar is San Diego Comic-Con. Mecca for the pop culture inclined. Nerdvana. 

Every year, 130,000 fans descend on San Diego for five days of panels, screeners, parties and event—if they were lucky enough to get a ticket. It’s so huge, so stupendously, mind-numbingly popular, that (according to this unofficial SDCC Blog) there’s only around a 6% chance of getting in. Around a million hopefuls attempted to snag a badge this year, and that’s just the ones who could have actually gone. Who knows how many more fans will be sitting at home come July 8th, mournfully gazing at their computer screens, wishing that they could be one of the privileged few rubbing shoulders with the glitterati of geekdom. 

If you’re one of those suffering from a severe case of SDCC FOMO, fear not! Here are some tips on how to deal: 

San Diego Comic-Con is upon us, and with it, the season of sneak peeks, swag, and epic lines. Stay the course as you wait in line with these meditations from authors and thinkers about the value of patience, waiting, and persistence.

It’s hard to explain cosplay without actually living it. Some people think you’re crazy for spending so much money on costumes, while others revere you for looking nearly identical to Poison Ivy or Hatsune Miku. The sky’s the limit when it comes to who you can dress as, who you can be. For a few short hours, you can abandon your life and step into someone else’s shoes. Just like submerging yourself in a book, you become someone else. You transform.

In honor of that perfect feeling and just in time for San Diego Comic-Con—where some of the best cosplayers debut their masterpieces—here are some of the best cosplays we’ve ever seen around the interwebzTM

[Click Image to Enlarge]

CAMP PLOT-A-WANNA is a weekly 8-part series where Quirk Books staffers reimagine famous authors as pre-teens, stuck together at summer camp. Check out the rest of the posts here. It is also an entirely fictional place. Please don't have your parents drop you off at our offices with sleeping bags.


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