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A fresh week means it’s time for a fresh batch of new links. Try not to cry about the fact that the adorable BB-8 Rubik’s Cube is only available in Japan, but instead indulge on all the carrot cake related snacks we’ve found for you. Learn about the start of Parnassus Books and the start of Maray the cat’s career as a museum employee. Most importantly, make sure to have the best week possible.

In honor of National Library Week we thought we’d help dispel the pop culture stereotype of librarians being elderly women shushing kids. Instead, we've rounded up some awesome, real-life, librarians and library workers to follow on Twitter. Hopefully in the process we’ll also convert Leslie Knope into loving libraries like we do.

Inspired by the fox in The Little Prince, we’re taking a look at our favorite vulpine creatures in literature.

Who's on First? by Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, illustrated by John Martz

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The recent surge of movies and shows based on superheroes seems nowhere near running out of steam. And sure, seeing comic book icons come to life on the silver screen is cool and all, but what about everyone the zeitgeist sort of forgot? What about a movie for The League of Regrettable Superheroes? Oh look, and we already took care of the casting...


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