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My Best Friend's Exorcism, by Grady Hendrix, is the story of two high school girls in the '80s whose friendship is put to the ultimate stress test—demonic possession! And as you're enjoying the novel, why not fully embrace the 1980s with this 4-page coloring book? It's guaranteed to transport your psyche to the decade of shoulder pads and parachute pants. (Note: The rumors about subliminal demonic imagery in these pictures are completely unfounded.)

Have your holy water and Raid bug spray ready because here’s a creepy printable bookmark inspired by My Best Friend's Exorcism (on sale today)! 

Last year, I took it upon myself to hastily pull together carefully write the least most useful guide to Book Expo America—the publishing industry’s biggest North American trade show—ever. And I figured that, having gamely completed that arduous act of public service, I could rest on my laurels a bit and watch from my chaise longue as generations of writers, editors, publicists, marketing teams, sales managers, book buyers, librarians, and bloggers harvested the benefits of my BEA knowledge, sealed forever and for all time.

But then it happened.

A cataclysm was unleashed. Reality itself was RENT IN TWAIN. Because—and there is really no way we could have anticipated this—it turns out that there is MORE THAN ONE major city in the United States. I know, I’m shocked too!

Yes, this year’s Book Expo America will be held in Chicago—a plucky, big-hearted metropolis in the “Midwest” portion of the country. But NEVER FEAR. I am here to provide a guide to Chicago so thorough that you’ll swear I speed-read the Wikipedia article just prior to writing this post!*

*Which I did, but I also lived there for four years, okay?

Many of you may be familiar with Quirk E. Cat, our mascot whose very name unlocks fabulous prizes when uttered at our booths. This year at BookCon, we're partnering with Owl Crate, Out of Print, and Charlesbridge to bring you the BIGGEST QUIRK E. CAT LOOT DROP EVER! All you gotta do is keep your eyes open and your camera ready!  

Captain America: Civil War is about to hit theaters. While it may seem that the characters of this epic superhero throw down may be too busy to even consider picking up a book to read, we at Quirk thought it might be nice to give the two teams a little something for their down time. So, here is a look at some reading for team Iron Man.


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