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Quirk Books Presents Book Pop!

Book Pop! IRL and Online

In honor of its 15 year anniversary, Quirk Books is launching a year-long celebration of books and pop culture, called Book Pop!, that you can bring to your customers on your own terms and timeline.

We're also hosting an online version of Book Pop! from July 31 to August 11. Check our schedule of events to see where our authors will be during our online comic-con, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for all the latest news!


Plan your Book Pop! Event with Quirk's Program Guides*:



*These program guides are living documents. Please check back as we continue to add content.


Promote Your Book Pop! Event with:

Signage for displays promoting featured Book Pop! titles:



Signage to promote your event:


Web ads:




And a plug and play press release to help promote your event.



Book Pop! Sample Tweets for Librarians and Retailers: 

"Join our books and pop culture party for geeks of all ages! @quirkbooks #BookPop [library/retailer website or social account]"

"Celebrate books, pop culture, and fandoms with us and @quirkbooks! Learn more about our event here: [library/retailer website or social account] #BookPop"

"Join us and @quirkbooks for a free and fun celebration of books and pop culture! #BookPop [library/retailer website or social account]"

"Get a comic con experience without the price tag. Join us for #BookPop, a day filled with books and pop culture: [library/retailer website or social account] @quirkbooks"

"Meet like-minded geeks at #BookPop, a free @quirkbooks event celebrating booksand pop culture! Learn more: [library/retailer website or social account]"

"We're hosting #BookPop, a free @quirkbooks celebration of books and pop culture! Event details: [library/retailer website or social account]"

"Stop by our free #BookPop event to celebrate books and pop culture! @quirkbooks [library/retailer website or social account]"


Are you an indie? For more information, contact your current Penguin Random House Sales Representative or Penguin Random House customer service at 1-800-733-3000

Want to host an author event or receive a SWAG pack to complement your Book Pop! event? Please fill out this form and we'll be in touch:

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