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For pop culture fans invested in the perpetual "Who's the Best Hollywood Chris?" debate, this illustrated collection of humorous essays and fun extras makes individual cases for Chris Evans, Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Messina (a new entrant in "The Chris Wars"), by the co-hosts of the popular podcast Thirst Aid Kit.

If you've seen a Marvel movie, read a culture magazine or website in the last five years, or watched Chris Pine's scintillating musical monologue on Saturday Night Live about this very subject, you've heard of "The Chris Wars," an ongoing debate to determine which Hollywood Chris (especially of the blond superhero variety) is #1 in our hearts and minds.

But what is a Chris? What makes Chrises different from Ryans (Gosling, Reynolds) or Jons (Krasinski, Hamm)? Why do we feel compelled to compare Chrises? Can non-Chrises have Chris energy? What happens if a Chris lets us down? And most importantly: will we ever agree on a #1 Chris, or are we doomed to remain a divided nation?

Nichole Perkins and Bim Adewunmi, the beloved co-hosts of Thirst Aid Kit, a podcast dedicated to Hollywood hunks and the reasons we love them, explore all of these questions--and more--with dedicated essays to each of the Chrises in their personal Core Four: Chris Evans, Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Messina, as well as a bonus essay to all the Chrises they've loved before.

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  • Paperback ISBN: 9781683691730
  • e-Book ISBN: 9781683691747
  • Release Date: 
    May 12, 2020
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