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  • The Onion Presents: Love, Sex, and Other Natural Disasters

    Here are more than one hundred news stories of high-school sweethearts, college hook-ups, dating disasters, weddings, divorces, and restraining orders. From “18-Year-Old Miraculously Finds Soulmate In Hometown” to “Couple Forgets 70th Wedding Anniversary,” these reports capture the heartbreak and hilarity of the human experience.

  • The Onion Presents: Christmas Exposed

    Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without impulse-priced holiday gift books-and now The Onion is bringing its signature irreverence to the genre. Christmas Exposed features more than one hundred shocking tales of secret Santas, shopping mall mayhem, dysfunctional families, and (don't ask) autoerotic asphyxiation. Readers will discover such hard-hitting coverage, like

    • Child Bored with Christmas Puppy
    • Weed Delivery Guy Saves Christmas
    • Jesus "Really Dreading" This Next Birthday
    • Man Braves Freezing Weather to Cross Parking Lot
    • And many more!

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