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  • My First Book of Business Etiquette

    Good business is all about dealing with people. If you have trouble interacting with clients or coworkers, you’ll be circling Help Wanted ads before you know it. My First Book of Business Etiquette is an essential primer on workplace decorum, with information on:

        * Behaving in a meeting
        * Being respectful in an office full of cubicles
        * Conducting business abroad
        * The ins and outs of creative schmoozing
        * And much, much more.

  • My First Book of Business Ethics

    With corporate scandals dominating the headlines on a regular basis, business ethics are more important than ever. This amusing primer highlights everything an aspiring CEO should know about maintaining integrity in corporate America. You’ll find:

        * Guidance on making fair and honest business decisions
        * A quiz to test your own ethics
        * Advice on promoting ethical behavior
        * Simple lessons for making your workplace a positive environment
        * And much, much more.

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