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The Baby Owner's Data Tracker

Released in tandem with the new edition of The Baby Owner's Manual, The Baby Owner's Data Tracker provides indispensable tools for parents and caregivers to monitor your baby’s care and development during that special first year of life.

Sharing the same distinctive design as the perennial best-selling book, The Baby Owner's Data Tracker renders your baby’s data in visually captivating charts that record daily growth and progress as well as important developmental milestones. This handy free app also features the ability to share your data, plus helpful facts and tips to aid in caring for your baby. The Baby Owner's Data Tracker allows you to:
- Record your baby’s weight and length and compare it to average percentiles.
- Track your baby’s feeding and sleeping schedules.
- View essential data in chart form.
- Share your data with family and friends via e-mail, photos, Facebook, and Twitter.
- Share your data with your pediatrician via e-mail or photos.
- Customize your baby’s profile with a cover photo.
- View practical tips about your baby’s care and development.
- Track multiple children using different profiles.
- Select U.S. or metric measurements.
- Purchase The Baby Owner’s Manual book or e-book.
With its everyday usefulness and intuitive interface, The Baby Owner's Data Tracker offers a personalized experience for you and your baby that you won’t find anywhere else!
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