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  • It's December again, which means of all things going on, the most important is a new Star Wars movie. There's also some holiday which is rumored to be right around the corner, but that takes a close second to the continued stories of the Skywalker family. We wanted to take a look at some other pop culture characters who are the last of their kind.

  • Fall 2017 marks the 15th anniversary of Quirk’s first publishing season. To celebrate, we're chatting with Brett Cohen, Quirk’s president.

    Brett started with Quirk in 2001 before we were even publishing our own books. Over the last 16 years, Brett has been a jack-of-all-trades. He was the first hire on the business side, brought in to develop our operational and financial procedures, as well as manage Quirk’s relationship with our sales distributor. He expanded that work into business development and strategy. He revised our marketing program by developing our consumer initiatives including comic con attendance, relaunching this site as an entertainment blog, and starting our social media accounts. Now, he continues to have his hand in all facets of the business ranging from finance and production to marketing and sales.

  • Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

    Whether it’s Ghostbusters set in the wild west or Tootsie with gender roles reversed, most writers I know who are also movie fans have, at some point, thought about how they would reimagine their favorite flick. If that’s you, read on for a few tips on what to consider when you’re putting your own spin on a beloved movie.

  • In honor of Star Wars Day, we're taking a closer look at the HR department's responses to Darth Vader force-choking officers. Seriously, he has to cut it out.


    Check out the book trailer for William Shakespeare's Star Wars here.

    In a time so long ago begins our play,

    In a star-crossed galaxy, far far away.

    So ends the prologue to William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: Verily, A New Hope, the first of three plays re-telling the epic Star Wars story in the style of the Bard. Followed by The Empire Striketh Back and The Jedi Doth Return, these plays by Ian Doescher combine the magic of iambic pentameter with the beloved space opera of George Lucas - and are a perfect read for this May 4th! (Or how about organizing a staged reading, lightsabers at the ready?) Brave (Jedi) Knights and evil (Sith) Lords duke it out in elegant verse, while a love story combines with a comedy of mistaken family identity and tragic revelations for a story right up the Bard’s alley.


    This May the Fourth, invite the ones you love (who also love Star Wars) into your home with all the festivity and joy of a traditional Ewok gathering. The rules of receiving guests in an Ewok community are simple, straightforward, and have led to many seasons of happy living for the tree-dwelling culture. After some time living this way, you too may feel ready to dance like you’re celebrating the fall of an evil empire!


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