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  • Pride & Prejudice & Zombies is in theaters around the world, bringing together Austen-lovers and zombie survivalists in a whole new cinematic way. If you’re preparing for the zombie apocalypse, keep in mind that for anyone to be called truly accomplished, they must always be engaged in the improvement of their mind by extensive reading. Keep the books in your arsenal/library safe and sound by covering those precious paperbacks in leather! Here’s how.

  • Quirk HQ celebrated the #PPZmovie with a special hometown screening, and we had a bloody lovely time! Check out our photo highlights reel! 

  • I’ve spent the last seven years answering questions about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith, so at this point there should be nothing left to say.

    But the Hollywood adaptation hits theaters today, and Julie Leung, our social media manager, asked me to write a blog post commemorating the occasion, so here I am.  And as it happens, there is one story about the publication of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies that I’ve never told anyone. 

  • No need to eat your heart out, #PPZ fans! With Valentine's Day just two weeks away, we've concocted the perfect batch of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies valentines worthy of any warrior you'd like to woo.

  • The film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies will be hitting theaters next month, six years after the debut of the novel that arguably spawned the entire mashup, steampunk genre. If you’re excited to see Elizabeth Bennett on-screen kissing Mr. Darcy and slaying zombie butt, you’re not alone.

    But no film adaptation would be complete without an epic playlist. So get ready to see your classic characters paired with music to fit their new zombie tastes. Scroll to the bottom for the full playlist.

  • And you thought all this Pride and Prejudice and Zombies lady-fighter talk was just a fiction. Hatpins were originally designed to be used in pairs to fasten a women's hat to her hair. But in the hands of a damsel in distress, a hatpin might just be the deadliest fashion accessory in history.  

    At one end, hatpins had an ornamental head to make it look nice and disguise it. At the other end, there was a sharp point to actually do the fastening. As hats grew bigger during the Edwardian era (1901–1910), so did hatpins. Some got to be over 10 inches long.


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