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  • London Locations: Cursed Child Bucket List

    If you're near the West End of London this July, you're probably like, "What's with the long lines outside the Palace Theatre?" That is, until you remember that the Palace Theatre is home to the debut production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.  As London’s answer to the buzz around Hamilton (which has yet to reach the UK), Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is sold out until June 2017 – and the next round of tickets are eagerly awaited.

  • Beach Vaca Essentials Inspired by Samwise Gamgee

  • Best Under-the-Radar Travel Hotspots in The Land of Oz

    It’s the birthday of Frank L. Baum, and what better way to commemorate The Wizard of Oz author than to imagine ourselves in Oz, ruby-slippers and all?

    And for those of you who have done more than watch the Judy Garland movie by reading the books, you know the Land of Oz gets way weirder than a bunch of munchkins and a city where everything is green. If you want to experience the real, gritty, Technicolor Oz, here are some destination spots that are off the beaten, yellow-brick-road.


    The Country of the Quadlings

  • Best Bookish Week in NYC: July 27th - 31st

    Photo courtesy of NYC Parks

    Even though NYC will be in the midst of a heat wave next week, there are still plenty of cool literary events to attend. This week offers the opportunity to celebrate a ton of debut novelists, the chance to see cool art, as well as to learn about niche musical subcultures. Make sure to tweet at us (@QuirkBooks) to let us know where you went!

  • Find Momo Coast to Coast by Andrew Knapp: Pre-order Campaign!

    We’re thrilled to be publishing the second book from New York Times bestselling author Andrew Knapp. His first book, Find Momo, introduced the bookish world to his adorable, already-Instagram-famous border collie, Momo.

    In Find Momo Coast to Coast, Andrew hit the road (in his awesome yellow van) and took some beautiful pictures of Momo (with his awesome red bandana) all across the country.

    To celebrate his second book and Andrew’s next batch of adventures, we’re launching a pre-order campaign that’ll give you the chance to score all kinds of swag. Signed bookplates and posters for every pre-orderer? Yup. A chance to win a plush Momo? You betcha.

    Read on to find out how to get swag and enter to win epic prizes.

    NOTE FOR ALL PRE-ORDER-ERS: To enter, email a photo or a screenshot of your receipt to with the subject line "Find Momo Pre-order." Make sure you send us your shipping address with your entry!

    Also tweet #FindMomo to unlock some of the higher levels.

    This campaign is open to US and Canada only. 

  • Ten Irish Authors to Read at Least Once (Who Aren’t James Joyce)

    Where there’s a list of top Irish authors, there’s usually James Joyce. Which isn’t to say the Ulysses scribe isn’t praiseworthy, just that Ireland has produced lots of other literary talent, too. As we celebrate Irish heritage in March, it’s time to offer the spotlight to some of the country’s other fine novelists. Here are some noteworthy ones to start you off.


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