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  • For about as long as we’ve been able to imagine computers, they’ve had a place in our science fiction stories. Whether it’s the machines in Karel Capek’s 1921 play R.U.R (which, fun fact, coined the term “robot”), or The Engine in Gulliver’s Travels, these machines have provided information, service, and plot devices for decades. Sometimes, though, computers go bad, and when that happens, you best be armed with prayer, and a good hammer.

    February 10 is Clean Out Your Computer Day, and though it might seem like a chore, I beseech you, please organize your PC. Make sure you know what programs are running, and where all your important documents are. Makeover your MacBook. Dote on your desktop. Because if we don’t keep a close eye on these suckers, they’ll be coming for us.

    And if you still don’t understand the urgency of our plight, take a look at these six fictional computers that, in their own special ways, almost trounced humanity:

  • Take note, Whovians: the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who is fast approaching. To help pass the time (get it?!) as we count down to this momentous occasion—and to help welcome the Twelfth Doctor—I've rounded up some inspired, adorable, and occasionally incredibly geeky Doctor Who cross-stitch ideas. So pick a pattern, grab your supplies, and follow me as we allons-y through time and space, one stitch at a time.

  • Here at Quirk, we loved Pacific Rim. How could giant machines fighting giant monsters not be exciting? But it was also smart and had a lot of heart. It was an unusual summer blockbuster in that it performed moderately well in the United States, but did exceptional in the international market, which makes a sequel possible. Here’s our idea for a Pacific Rim sequel, with a literary twist.

    We won the Kaiju War, but needed to make sure we were ready to cancel the apocalypse. Again. We brought the Jaegers back and built them bigger and stronger, but needed new heroes to pilot them. We found these new Rangers in the stories that helped us dream of such a creation: we found them in our favorite authors. Here are some of the newest Jaegers in the fleet, piloted by authors who’d do well in the Drift.


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