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  • People often take for granted that musicians who write their own songs are very much like authors, except they put their stories to music. It comes to no surprise then that many musicians have published books, whether it be poems, short stories, or novels. Here are six talented musicians who have found success in the world of literature as well!

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    Bibliophiles all over the world spend their times pouring over the stacks of books at libraries and book stores, looking for that next classic book that will become an instant favorite. It can be hard sometimes to determine which books to read. There are so many options and they all have their pros and cons. How to choose is the question.

    It occurred to me just the other day that a simple look at my playlist would point me in the right direction. I know it sounds a bit bizarre but by listening to some of my favorite rock songs, I have a perfect guide to some of the best novels ever written.

    Plug in your earbuds and prepare for one hell of a read.

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    Just because bookworms prefer to spend most of their time alone, with books, in adequately-lit spaces doesn't mean that we don't occasionally go out (or get dragged out) for some old-fashioned good-times havin'. And nothing is more old-fashioned or good-timesy than the Japanese art of karaoke.

    But don't let the tiny rooms, hard-to-read lyrics, and potential for public humiliation hold you back, fellow readers! Here are seven songs about our favorite pasttime guaranteed to bring down the you can sneak back to your reading nook.


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