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  • She’s creepy and she’s spooky, and what she does to evil men is altogether ooky, making Lisbeth Salander one heck of a memorable character. This girl is more than her tattoos (dragon or otherwise), piercings, and goth wardrobe. She lives a dark, intense life and her playlist reflects that. Brace your eardrums, because it’s going to get loud.


  • Lewis Carroll’s fair-haired heroine is not your typical seven-year-old. She’s polite, precocious, quick to show off her knowledge. She’s well-mannered, though put off when others aren’t. Last and perhaps most importantly, she’s wildly curious, which serves her well on her surreal and psychedelic explorations in Wonderland. Here’s the thing: Carroll’s stories may be for children, but they are also quite dark and strange, and any playlist worthy of Alice Liddell must reflect that. So press Play and join us on a musical adventure for Alice.

  • Ground control to Major Tom...

    Mark Watney, protagonist of Andy Weir’s novel The Martian, is one fun and feisty astronaut. He may be stranded on a foreign planet, but he has a great attitude about it and is full of creative ideas on how to overcome his (seemingly impossible) predicament. If anyone is worthy of a playlist, it’s this guy. 

  • Yeah, he just got kicked out of prep school, but this seventeen-year-old is smarter than he gives himself credit for. And okay, he’s judgmental and cynical, and the list of things he has contempt for is never-ending, beginning with grown-ups and phonies. Nevertheless, despite his prickly nature, he’s also honest, vulnerable, and protective of what little innocence he sees in the world. Holden Caulfield has become a poster boy for teen alienation, which is something he’d probably hate. In honor of the original Mr. Misunderstood, here's a playlist to cultivate one's disillusionment.

  • The bad news is that it’s Monday again. The good news is that we’ve rounded up some of the best bookish, geeky, and crafty links of the last week to help get you through your day. Whether you are looking for a new short story to read, or dreaming of a bookish vacation, there’s sure to be something here to make your Monday a little brighter.

  • Songs that reference literature are nothing new. Even if you’re not a fan (as I am) of Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit” or didn’t realize that David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs was intended to be a 1984 musical, you’ve probably heard some type of music that drew inspiration from books. (And yes, Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”—grudgingly—counts.)

    But when musicians go one step further and reference these works in their music videos, that’s when things get really interesting. So here are ten videos that are among the most thought-provoking, spot-on, or just very wacky.

    [Not included were music videos that reference the Bible (because hoo boy is that a whole other can of worms) or, despite our deep and abiding love for all things Harry Potter, any wizard wrock.]


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