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  • There are a few tear-jerkers set to come out in the near future (chief among them, the cinematic debut of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars). Never fear, these simple steps will help you prepare mentally and strategically for tears and help keep your emotional outbursts as private as possible!

  • Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Your pals at Quirk Books would like to celebrate the occasion with that most Irish of gifts: a story. Have you ever wondered who would win in a no holds-barred battle between the beloved Bishop of Ireland and the infamous King of Monsters? Of course you have. Now you can find out, in this free 5-chapter battle royale. Check out the exerpt below, then if you like it download the FREE PDF for the complete senses-shattering saga. It's the Shamrock Saint verse the Green Gargantua...with the fate of all mankind hanging in the balance!


    No matter your faith, creed, or religion, there's one altar we all worship at come December: the television. It's the time of year when people around the world hunker down with a nice cup of eggnog or a spiced cider and watch holiday movies as a family. It's almost impossible to avoid the classics: White Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, A Christmas Carol, The Star Wars Holiday Special...I could go on, but you're already yawning. 

    Don’t get me wrong, all of these films are fine if you want traditional fare, but tradition is boring. Fortunately, there are some great movies that take place around wintertime holidays that are completely free of jolly fat men in red suits, snow covered fields, heart warming family reunions and important lessons about the spirit of giving. Here are TK movies for your family viewing that are—technically!—holidayesque.

    Die Hard: It would be impossible to ignore this great action movie. John McClane is by far, one of Bruce Willis’s most memorable characters. Poor John flies to L.A from New York to be with his family at Christmas only to find himself fighting a group of international terrorists in a high rise building. Though this film never forgets it takes place on Christmas, it sure isn’t about holiday cheer.

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    Another year has come and gone, more or less, and with it comes the end of the year lists. We are not immune! Neither, for that matter, can we resist the siren song of the book to movie adaptation. Some of them were actually—dare we say it—pretty good! So here are our faves (in no particular order except possibly by theme). Remember to reprimand us in the comments if we forgot your favorite!


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