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  • Books have long served as inspiration for filmmaking. Nowadays, as some publications become blockbusters, many cinematic adaptations come with built-in audiences of readers eager to see the beloved source material brought to life on the screen. But for every Gone Girl or Wild, there are films like the upcoming Mordecai, which you probably didn’t know is also an adaptation (in this case, of an anthology: The Mordecai Trilogy by Kyril Bonfiglioli).

    Here are eleven more examples of movies you may not know started out as books:

  • With Canada Day coming up on July 1st, I'd like to say a few words of thanks to important Canadian icons. These Canadians make me proud to be a Canadian myself - in the quirkiest of ways.

  • If you’re tired of reading black ink on a white page, or black pixels on a white screen, take a break and watch one of Quirk’s recommended movies for book lovers. We all need a break sometimes, but a break doesn’t mean you have to abandon your precious books.

  • This weekend, the long-awaited Fast and Furious 6 finally hits the screen. Fans of the franchise can expect plenty of fast-paced action, car chases, explosions, and perhaps a resolution of the sexual tension between Dominic Toretto and Luke Hobbs.

    But did you know that this sequel is based on a popular children's book?

    To get you pumped for an awesome, pulse-pounding 130 minutes of pure excitement, here are some samples from The Fast and Furious 6 Children's Story and Adventure Book. Because all roads lead to this! (They really don't).

  • Forget flash cards for a minute--learning words can actually be funSee, the great thing about the English language is just how flexible, fanciful, adaptable, and extendable it is. Individual words evolve with use, kind of like Pokémon. The entirety of vocabulary gets bigger when it needs to, kind of like a Pokémon deck with an expansion pack. And when writers can’t quite capture the correct word in the wild, they concoct one with syllables from other, older words…kind of like how Pokémon scientists built Mewtwo.

    Seriously, and video-game metaphors aside, new words (or neologisms, for those without an Orwellian avoidance of all things non Anglo-Saxon) are a whole bunch of fun (kind of like…never mind). Here’s a few choice coinages from literature and beyond to embiggen your vocabulary.

  • While watching the Oscars, even other writers take a bathroom break when the winners for Best Screenplay give their speeches. You don’t watch the Oscars to see unfamiliar faces thank their spouses and children and mothers and God, it’s all about the celebrities. But what’s interesting, is just how important writers - and books - are to the Academy.

    Over the past eighty-four Academy Awards, forty-eight Best Picture winners were films adapted from books (or short stories). That’s more than half (about 57%). This leads me to believe the Academy has a thing for the adaptation.
    I can’t really blame them. 


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