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  • In an ideal world, film adaptations would satisfy everyone. The author’s vision would be realized exactly as they wanted it to be, the casting would be flawless, and the producers would somehow manage to cram every nuance and detail into two hours. The world, however, is far from ideal, and it’s almost a gut reaction to claim that the book is always better.

    But sometimes, there are certain scenes in a book adaptation that are pitch-perfect interpretations of the source material. Here are our top ten movie moments that perfectly capture their book counterparts: 

  • Anger management issues and on-set rantings aside, Christian Bale is also no stranger to literary adapations. While he's best known for his gravely-voiced Batman, his roles run the gamut from the Antebellum heartthrob to a sociopathic yuppie with a penchant for axe murder. Here's a look at Christian's bookish career, just don't mess with any of the set lights while you're reading this post, m'kay? 

  • Anne Hathaway is a celebrity that has a serious addiction. No, not smoking, she kicked that one a long time ago. She cannot get enough of movies that are based on books. But not just any kind of book adaptations. She has a penchant for characters that undergo a makeover (or, in one case, a makeunder). Here's a list of book-to-film adaptations where she makes a dramatic physical transformation (and one where she should have).

  • Christopher Walken A to Z by Robert Schnakenberg: $3.99!


  • The month of May is National Short Story Month! To celebrate this form of fiction we here at Quirk Books present to you seven movies you might not know were adapted from short stories—perfect for short and sweet additions to your TBR!

  • The ‘80s: Jake Ryan, Aqua Net bangs, Trapper Keepers, where babysitters went on adventures, Goonies never said die, and Sweet Valley High made us wish we had a twin. *Wipes nostalgic tear.*

    Until I can find Doc and a time traveling DeLorean I visit the ‘80s like everyone else, via movies. But did you know lots of your favorite ‘80s movies were adapted from books? Whether the book is better than the movie (nearly always the case) it is, at the very least, partially different and contains more information. So here are 12 totally awesome ‘80s movies adapted or inspired from books you’ll probably want to read.


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