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  • Chloë Moretz starring in The 5th Wave, based on the Rick Yancey novel, made us realize we haven’t done a round-up of her bookish movies and we needed to get on that STAT! Here we have a super talented and lovely woman who kicked her way into our hearts in the unforgettable role of Hit-Girl and already has, according to IMDb, 57 acting credits!

    That’s a lot of work to have under her eighteen-year-old belt and a surprisingly huge amount of literary roles.

  • Ah, the strike of midnight. Whether you offer us the promise of a new year with a fresh start or were the curfew set by our parents in high school, you always have a way of marking our lives. We are not the only ones under your influence; many characters in pop culture care about your chimes.

  • Not only is it the season for television shows to air their holiday specials but thanks to Netflix, and channels that play repeats, you can also watch all your favorites from years past. And we’re here to help with the what-to-watch by rounding-up our favorite past and present geeky holiday specials.

  • If holiday movies, TV specials and folklore have taught us anything, it's that the forces of evil would like nothing better than to ruin Christmas for everyone. This year you can save Christmas from the likes of Krampus, Oogie Boogie, Scut Farkus, and other classic holiday wreckers. Just keep this identi-graphic close by so you know who you're up against.

  • As quirky geeks who read, we like to give unique gifts that we would also love. If you’re like us, we recommend reinforcing your wall hooks and buying a bigger stocking this year, because we found 23 stocking stuffer/Hanukkah/Festivus gifts for the quirky, geeky, and bookish people in your life. Take a page out of our book and shop via the one-for-you-one-for-us method.

  • ‘Tis the season to pull out the holiday films, and we are sure you will be revisiting Keira Knightley’s love triangle in Love Actually. But don’t limit yourself to this holiday classic, Knightley gathers literary adaptations the way Santa collects cookies on Christmas Eve. For this reason, Keira, to us, you are perfect.


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