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  • Today is the Great American Smokeout. In the United States approximately 40 million people smoke some form of tobacco product. Created in 1977, the first of these annual events was held in San Francisco. Now with the help of the American Cancer Society, this once small event has grown to a huge movement. The idea is that for twenty-four hours on the third Thursday in November, smokers attempt to challenge themselves not to use any tobacco products. With luck, these people will be able to continue on to the next day and the day after that, eventually kicking the habit. In honor of this great event, we at Quirk wanted to take a look at some literary characters who could stand a little less smoke in their lungs.

  • Miraz’s Castle

    In Narnia, neighborhoods don’t get much trendier than Beaversdam, but this expansive abode next to the Great River, a popular place for jogging and picnicking, is timeless.

  • Jean Grey regarded the Xavier estate with a unconscious shiver, as the moon illuminated the mansion’s immense spires that rose out of the Westchester fog like dark swords. Was this a school? And to be her home? The bald man in the wheelchair appeared to sense her thoughts, and beckoned from the doorway. But what of the strange, misshapen creatures behind him? What of they?

  • They say shoes are a girl’s best friend. But what about a spy's best friend? Or a witch's, or a nerd's? Turns out certain literary characters also love fancy foot wear. Sit back and enjoy this bookish runway show: shoe edition.

  • For many, Halloween means loads of candy, crazy costumes, and scary monsters. But monsters have feelings too! It may be hard to believe, but underneath the claws, fangs, and scales beats the heart of a romantic. That's why we're pairing up literature's scariest monsters in hope that they'll make a love connection.

  • The Walking Dead presents a harsh look at the difficulty survivors of a post-apocalyptic event have in banding together, surviving, and trying to create some semblance of normalcy. We’ve spent the last few seasons watching how Rick and the group cope with the new world order and struggle to retain their humanity as they have to survive against zombies and other people who might wish them harm. How might these other characters fare?


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