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  • For some reason the fanny pack is one of those trends that just keeps trying to come back. We get it—fanny packs are incredibly useful. They’re hands-free, fit a ridiculous amount of useful things in their many, many pockets, and, yes, they’re even sometimes in really cool fabrics. So maybe the trend makes a bit of sense. But have you considered what some of your favorite fictional characters would carry inside their fanny packs? No? Well, we have.

  • DM: You sure you want to play a Lawful Good character? You usually play more ruthless guys.


    JAVERT: No, it’s cool. I want to stretch myself.


    DM: Okay, it’s in the prison that you meet Jean Valjean, who was arrested for stealing a loaf of bread.

  • You may have noticed that lifestyle magazines and blogs everywhere have started using a word that sounds like the transliteration of a sneeze: hygge. But what the dickens is hygge?, you may be asking yourself, and also, how do I pronounce it? Simply put, it’s the Danish word for ‘cozy;’ it’s pronounced HOOG-ah; and it represents the feeling of utter contentedness that comes from surrounding yourself with things that make you happy, relaxed and comfortable. And if you’re a geek like us, then geeky = happy and comfortable. So let’s get our geeky hygge on, shall we?

  • Today is No Brainer Day, and while it may be a day which celebrates the simple and obvious, sometimes these things are not the same for everyone.

  • This year’s Oscar nominations included films containing incredibly diverse and fascinating cinematic experiences: an international adoption from Calcutta to Tasmania, a heightened musical representation of artistic LA and working class African-American 1950s Pittsburgh.

    The Oscars are intended to recognise extraordinary accomplishments and storytelling, dream worlds and universal truths within movies. We have some of our own suggestions for Oscars (or would they be called the Quirkeys?). We’re providing nominations and winners in our own play on words production. Could we have the envelopes, please?

    And the winner is


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