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    I'm a little obsessed with organization. There's a place for everything in my apartment. However, every season I'm inspired to move furniture around and change up my living space. My bookshelves are always the first to change. Right now my books are arranged by category (I have specific shelves for fairy tale anthologies, graphic novels, middle grade novels, etc.), but I assure you they won't stay that way for long.

    In honor of Get Organized Week, here are seven different ways to organize your bookshelves. Take advantage of proudly putting your books on display.

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    On October 14th, my friends in Canada (I'm looking at you, @RandomHouseCA!) will be celebrating Thanksgiving, and I'll be sitting here jealous in Philadelphia. Because I want Thanksgiving turkey RIGHT NOW and have to wait until November. And no, the Thanksgiving sandwich they make at Cosi will not hold me over. Stop suggesting that, Blair

    So as I sit here, cranky, I decided to reflect on some Canadians I'm thankful for. And not just our publishing buddies up north or our fabulous Quirk blogger @MsMariaVicente, but the fantastic authors that call Canada home. Thanks for writing (and sometimes drawing!) such amazing work. 

  • This Sunday is Mad Hatter Day. It’s a real thing, I swear! And, in true Hatter fashion, we celebrate the numbers sticking out of the character’s topper (“In this style 10/6”) not as the order to make a hat in that particular style that costs ten shillings sixpence but as a day: October 6th—the perfect way to celebrate mix-ups and silliness with a little bit of an un-birthday.

  • Sunday, September 22nd, 2013 was a cold day. It was also the day that the Word on the Street Festival took place at Queen’s Park.

    I woke up far too early to get downtown for my morning shift as a volunteer at the festival. It was my first year ever at the festival. I was wide eyed with excitement... and from exhaustion. I made my way to the volunteer tent through the gorgeous park, and saw some great things along the way. 

  • Oktoberfest is the annual German harvest festival, a citywide fair in Munich full of beer and bratwurst that takes place over sixteen days leading up to the first weekend of October. It’s awesome, or so my German friend tells me, and given my affinity for all things beer and meat and revelry, I tend to believe him (although I am mostly indifferent towards lederhosen).

    I realize, however, that not everyone shares my love for such delicious gluttony. But rather than rudely asking what the hell is wrong with you and how could you not love malty lagers, tasty bratwurst, and lots of drunken singalongs, I’ve come up with a list of three alternative Oktoberfests for you to enjoy in those first days of autumn, all of which have been inspired by my other favorite thing that’s not booze, meat, or music — which, of course, is books.

  • Hello, writers. We’re Quirk Books.

    We’ve brought you bestselling YA fantasies, Edgar award-winning mysteries, and masterpieces of zombie literature.

    But looking back at all the weird and wonderful books we've published, we can't help but ask ourselves... where is the love

    To answer that age-old question, we're announcing the Quirk Books “Looking for Love” Fiction Contest. First prize is $10,000 AND publication by Quirk Books. We’re looking for love stories that are fresh, fun, and strikingly unconventional. Boy Meets Girl. Girl Meets Girl. Girl Meets Shark. Shark Meets Pirate. Anything goes!

    Except vampires. Sorry.

    Win us over, knock us out, and show us what we're missing! The contest deadline is October 1st, 2013. For official rules and entry form, click the Download Entry Form button above. Good luck! 

    UPDATE: I wanted to let everyone know that we've reached a decision regarding the Looking for Love Fiction Contest. If you haven't been contacted by a representative of Quirk Books, we encourage you to submit your manuscript elsewhere, and we wish you the best of luck placing your manuscript with another house. We would like to thank everyone for sharing their stories with us.


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