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    Another year has come and gone, more or less, and with it comes the end of the year lists. We are not immune! Neither, for that matter, can we resist the siren song of the book to movie adaptation. Some of them were actually—dare we say it—pretty good! So here are our faves (in no particular order except possibly by theme). Remember to reprimand us in the comments if we forgot your favorite!

  • Some titles are too good to be reserved for seasonal singalongs. Here's a few carols we'd love to see pull double duty on our bookshelves...

    Les Miserables on Broadway
    From Les Miserables to Matilda, Broadway and has long had an obsession with turning our favorite books into two-hour. Not that we’re complaining- we may or may not have memorized the entire Very Potter Musical score- but we think they could go even further.
    In hopes that some charitable soul with money to spend and a need for a script is reading, here are five books we’d love to see jump from the page. 

  • We all know what it's like to be wholly immersed in a book. Suddenly, words on a page become smells, sounds, sights—you can picture every scene so meticulously that you end up missing your stop on the subway or running late for work. Things, ahem, that I know nothing about...

  • Bios of many of today's young authors reveal how they went to school to craft their writing into something that would eventually put them on best seller lists. Or at least get them some nice prizes and recognition.

    But pursuing authorship as a career is relatively new. Most superstar authors were doing other things before and even during the time their writings hit print.

  • Happy November, Quirk fans!

    In addition to our fabulous Quirk Perks discounts this month (which include Geek Wisdom and The Cookiepedia), we're launching a month of fabulous giveaways!

    That's right. An entire month. 


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