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  • If you’re tired of reading black ink on a white page, or black pixels on a white screen, take a break and watch one of Quirk’s recommended movies for book lovers. We all need a break sometimes, but a break doesn’t mean you have to abandon your precious books.


    Please allow me to introduce you to Tapestry--a new mobile story-telling platform that uses taps to push the story forward. It's crazy fun and completely addictive. We promise. And, the Quirk Books Channel is part of Tapestry's launch--which is happening today, like right now!

    We have 6 stories that we're excited to share with you.

  • Well another BEA has come and gone, and this year might have been our best one yet. Why? Read on for some highlights in photos and Vine videos! 

  • (Image via Flickr)

    Nothing goes better with a book than a nice glass of wine. Or a cold beer. Or a shot of whiskey. I think some of our greatest authors knew that, too, and that’s why they spent much of their time in pubs. In some of the world’s great literary cities, you can take a tour of these bars and pubs, seeing where our most celebrated literary minds spoke, fought, wrote, and drank.

    So I've pulled together a short list of my favorite cities for literary lushes like myself. But don't stop here—after all, what pub crawl wouldn't be better with a book in your back pocket?

  • Image via Flickr

    Most consider the act of writing letters a dated activity. With the ease of email - and the immediacy of social media - there doesn't seem to be a need for snail mail anymore. However, just because there isn't a need does't mean we shouldn't embrace this traditional communication device.

    There's a permanence to snail mail that we can't find in the digital realm. Sure, pixels on a screen can get a message across, but they don't fill the heart with joy like the sight of an addressed envelope. We all groan at the thought of an overflowing inbox, but delight in the excitement of receiving a parcel.

    Snail mail is synonymous with sentimentality. Writing a letter or putting together a great parcel requires a lot of time and effort. People cherish snail mail for years. Think of all the famous authors and illustrators who have letters on display in museums or in published anthologies (Kerouac, Hemingway, Steinbeck, Gorey - to name a few). It's time to buy a new set of pens and remind yourself how to write by hand.

  • Hey Quirk fans!

    Next week, we're packing up a bunch of books, swag, and authors (using only the finest packaging materials for them), and heading to Book Expo America for three days of hanging out with booksellers, book bloggers, book publishers, book readers... book lovers from all across the country. You get the idea. And we can't wait! 

    In addition to selling lots of books and dishing out free posters, ARCs, and totesbags, we've got some fun events going on through out the convention. And we want you to join us in (and out!) of our booth (#2848!) at BEA for a whole bunch of fun activities. 


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