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  • Marley was dead to begin with. Just another of the many corpses in this filthy city. Scrooge was Marley’s partner, but what did that add up to, when all was said and done? Nothing more than a plugged nickel. You could still make out the “Marley and” over the “Scrooge Investigations” on the cheap door to the dark office they shared once. Bobbi Cratchet had twice asked Scrooge if he wanted to scrape it off proper, class up the joint. But Scrooge would have none of it.

  • For many, the end of the year comes with a sense of increased generosity and goodwill toward those in need, and we imagine literary characters are no different. Below, a few favorites let us know which charities and organizations will be receiving their donations this year, along with why they’ve chosen them.

  • Forget Dracula and Hamlet...the modern day actor worth his mettle must take a shot at Ebenezer. All the greats have: George C. Scott to Albert Finney, Tom Hanks to Jim Carrey, Captain Picard to Frasier, Kermit to Mickey, Mr. Magoo to Fred Flintstone.  

  • It has been a fair sight since I have made a video, has it not? I beg of you, do not expect these videos to arrive till they come, in which I think will only contribute to the ease of us both. Which is to say, welcome, I suppose. This is my channel. Where I talk about nothing of any possible importance.

  • Ah, the holidays. It’s a time to relax, to stuff yourself with delicious food, to spend time to with friends and family, and to…commit the perfect crime. Right?

    It may sound a bit jarring, but the film version of Assassin’s Creed (which steals into movie theaters on December 21st) is not the first work to identify the link between the holidays and crime-related capers. Some of the best holiday tales are full of mischief and creative law-breaking! And here at Quirk, we have some particular favorites. Here are the ones that keep us coming back year after year.

  • The main theme park in the new HBO show Westworld is centered around giving wealthy patrons a realistic (yet safe) western-style experience. The park is populated with very lifelike robotic “hosts” that are programmed to do whatever the attendees want.

    Here are three characters who always seem strangely calm and collected, no matter what the situation is. So calm and collected it is almost as though they know they’re in a hyper-realistic simulation that cannot have any real world consequences for them.


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