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  • Peanuts are the most divisive of legumes. While some may love the salty crunchy snacks, others find them to be perhaps the most vile and disgusting piece of food on the face of the planet. The month of November is for the peanut lovers. Since it is national Peanut Butter Month, we at Quirk are going to take a look at some pairings of deliciously peanut based snacks and some of literatures best stories.

  • Don your fake mustaches, read poetry, and have the biggest case of wanderlust possible. RLS, born November 13, 1850, was not only a talented and creative writer but an extensive traveler, drawing inspiration from around the world for his stories. He spent time in England, of course, but also traveled to France, New York, Hawaii, California, Somoa, and Belgium. If just talking about these beautiful places doesn’t ignite your wanderlust, here are some of the places RLS traveled that would make perfect vacation destinations.

  • For Americans, next week is Thanksgiving, a day devoted to reflection and gratefulness. (And also eating. Lots and lots of eating.) However, in light of… er, let's just call it a difficult year, it may be challenging for many people to come up with a list of things to be thankful for.*

    In order to make life easier for those people, below is a list of literary characters who are more or less in the same boat. If nothing else, you can be thankful that your day is not as bad as theirs.

    *Unless you're a Cubs fan. Cubs fans will probably be riding that high straight through to the next presidential election. Good job, Cubs fans.

  • It's November, which we all know means we have entered the best season of the year. We don't mean the winter season, or the holiday season, or a season of peace and goodwill to our fellow humans, although we guess those are great too.

    No, we mean the season of food.

    Between Thanksgiving and New Year's and winter holidays and all the family gatherings those are sure to entail, the next two months give us ample opportunity for shoving our faces full of every delicious delicacy we can find. In honor of this season of culinary splendor, below are some of the greatest feasts to ever take place in fiction.

  • Original Photo by Brady Hall


    The literary community is in luck: Neil Gaiman’s birthday is coming up on November 10! This storytelling genius has produced some of the best books to spirit you away to another world…you know, the kind of book best enjoyed with a blanket, a drizzly day, and a cup of coffee by your side. In honor of his big day, we’ve combined our two favorite things: specialty coffee drinks and books. So what are you waiting for? Pick your preferred poison.

  • You know that song you just can’t get out of your head? What if it’s a whole book? To celebrate our love of music here at Quirk Books, we’ve rounded up our favorite fictional musicians and the books they call home. Get ready to rock!


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