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  • In an alternate universe where the nine members of Tolkein’s Fellowship of the Ring did not assemble for the purposes of deciding what to do with an unfathomably evil Ring of Power, and instead came together solely to partake in holiday merriment, they might have opted to participate in a White Elephant gift exchange. Or, as would be more accurate in Middle Earth, a White Oliphaunt. View their results here.

  • If you really want to know about the best places to go in New York, I will tell you about them. They are the places where you will see the least amount of phonies. You know, the ones in plaid or expensive suits. I really hate those people. As much as I hate the movies.

  • Since Nintendo has released the NES Classic Edition console, we're bringing back another classic. This season, give the gift of retro reading...with actual books! Sure, tablets are great. They offer the ability to carry hundreds of books in one compact device. And while we love and support e-books, we're jumping at the chance to get back to original books—in print format!

  • All the holiday shopping is done and gifts are under the tree. Not a stray piece of wrapping paper or bow out of place. Everything is just perfect. Oh no. We forgot about Mary. And Marge. And Myrtle and Mayella. Now riddle us this, dear reader. Why are all the forgotten characters of literature so hard to shop for? And why do all their names begin with the letter M?

  • Marley was dead to begin with. Just another of the many corpses in this filthy city. Scrooge was Marley’s partner, but what did that add up to, when all was said and done? Nothing more than a plugged nickel. You could still make out the “Marley and” over the “Scrooge Investigations” on the cheap door to the dark office they shared once. Bobbi Cratchet had twice asked Scrooge if he wanted to scrape it off proper, class up the joint. But Scrooge would have none of it.

  • For many, the end of the year comes with a sense of increased generosity and goodwill toward those in need, and we imagine literary characters are no different. Below, a few favorites let us know which charities and organizations will be receiving their donations this year, along with why they’ve chosen them.


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