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  • BOOK The Legion of Regrettable Supervillains

    Meet the lesser of all evils!

  • Here at Quirk, we recently provided you with our favorite team of Ultimate Female Super Heroes in comic books. However, while it’s true that this team kicks absolute and total ass, heroes are nothing without their other half— the villains. So, next up is a look at the greatest female villains in comic books, and we’ve put together a squad that will rival that of our ultimate super women.

    Like our Ultimate Female Super Heroes, each and every female villain chosen came from a different comic book publisher. If any of you thought that our hero team was full of some bad-ass ladies, this next group could bring the world to its knees.

  • We've been rounding up our favorite fictional squads this past month in honor of Women's History Month, and you know we couldn't pass up the opportunity to pull together a dream league of extraordinary lady superheroes. (Bonus points for all of them coming from different comic book imprints too!)

  • Marvel’s Agent Carter has got us right by the heartstrings, which for us means one thing: trying to guess what each of the characters we love (or love to hate) would be reading! What would you find on their bookshelves, night stands, or tucked away in a handbag next to a pistol and sleep-inducing lipstick? Here are our best recommendations:

  • After six seasons of watching the Crawley family navigate the trials and tribulations, it is time to bid them a fond farewell. And since many of the actors have managed to capture the hearts of the American public, some are already appearing in new shows. Most recently, former cast member Dan Stevens (Matthew Crawley) will be starring in the X-Men spin off show Legion, as professor Xavier’s son, David. With that information, we started to wonder what other characters would be wandering the halls of Downton if they were all X-Men.

  • Do our given names affect who we become? Take into consideration, athlete Usain Bolt or music industry's Bob Rock. This coincidence when a name matches a trait or job is known as an aptronym. A simple look at pop culture will show many characters whose destinies are written in their names.


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