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  • The rise of the anti-hero has been long heralded in pop culture, especially in the era of Peak TV. The Tony Sopranos and Walter Whites of television have battled their inner demons as morally ambiguous protagonists. While this is a less common archetype in recent science fiction and fantasy films, there are a few who step forward to test their level of morality.

  • Over the last few years DC comics has been putting out its superhero comics under the banner of The New 52. This new take on the DC Universe characters change a considerable amount of continuity. Recently, DC has decided to take its comics in a new direction with a story line titled Rebirth. While this story has yet to be fully solidified in the comics, one thing has become clear, it contains one of the most interesting crossovers ever to be brought into comics. In 1986 Vertigo Comics released Alan Moore’s seminal comic Watchmen which was an indictment of modern superhero comics. Now, thirty years later, characters from Watchmen are being introduced into the continuity of the DC Universe. In celebration of this new direction, here is a list of some of the greatest comic crossovers ever. 

  • What is a person if not a conglomeration of their experiences and memories? Our life experiences completely determine our future actions and behaviors. For people who tend to be forgetful, this could be a huge problem, as they are less likely to learn and grow from the past. Since today is I forget day, we at Quirk wanted to take a look at some of the most messed up memories in all of comics. Don’t think that this list was easy to compile, most of these guys and gals we had forgotten about.

  • Summer has arrived and with it comes a cool batch of the best bookish, geeky, and crafty links that the internet has to offer. Celebrate summer with some homemade funnel cakes and a new book to honor the season. Most importantly, make sure to have an excellent week!

    All Things Bookish

    Here’s a list of books that take place over one summer.

  • Captain America: Civil War is about to hit theaters. While it may seem that the characters of this epic superhero throw down may be too busy to even consider picking up a book to read, we at Quirk thought it might be nice to give the two teams a little something for their down time. So, here is a look at some reading for team Iron Man.

  • It sounds like it could be great fun to be a superhero. At the very least, you would get to travel the globe and see new and exciting places. Unless there is a guy on the team who can teleport everyone, there is going to be a lot of down time. Traveling from coast to coast can take hours and international flights can take more than half a day. Other than planning the next battles it would be hard to kill time during those endless travel hours. So here is a list of books for team Captain America to read during the travel time.


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