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  • BOOK The League of Regrettable Superheroes

    Have you heard of Doll Man, Doctor Hormone, or Spider Queen?

  • Look I get it, at some point someone had a horrible experience in a library, and as a result we librarians are doomed to be typecast as grey haired old biddies who wear horn-rimmed glasses while we shush everything in sight. Thankfully we have used this stereotype to our advantage over the years to hide our true purpose; a purpose I am about to reveal to you know.

    Librarians the world over are all part of a secret ninja society dedicated to protecting your right to read. 
    And we have superpowers.
    Don't believe me? Let's take a look at ten of the awesomest librarians out there, shall we? Then let's see how many of you rush out to attend library school.

  • (image via flickr)

    For the book fiend who devours novel after novel—with little regard to whether it has pictures in it or not—diving into comics might seem daunting. Heck, even dipping a toe into comics might. There are so many out there—not to mention all the countless spinoffs and reboots. Starting on a whole new medium altogether can feel like drowning, and so the book fiend dismisses it with a wave and goes back to novels, where it's safe and familiar.

    Well. There is no surefire guide out there for getting into comics (except one personally tailored to your interests by a close friend or an amazing comic store employee). But I've compiled a list that I think comes really, really close. This list is tailored to the interests of the literary nerd—the rad individual who reads voraciously and is ready for the next cool thing, if only they had a diving board. Cannonball!

  • Another year, another New York Comic Con! We came, we saw, we scratched our heads in confusion as odd cosplays walked by our booth. 


    We did the usual convention stuff. Sold lots of discounted (some autographed!) books, gave away lots of posters, and snuck away from our booth to explore the floor when downtime presented itself. We also had two fantastic signings with Doogie Horner (author of 100 Ghosts) and E.B. Hudspeth (author of The Resurrectionist). E.B. was even on a great panel, joined by a number of other authors talking about zombies, vampires, and various mythical beasts. 

    My personal highlights from the convention floor? Running into all the many bloggers we work with on the regular, and dishing out high fives and hugs galore. Also, the fact that we were situated next to First Second and Topshelf Comics. I just wanted to give those guys all my money, and they were excellent neighbors. 

    Read on to check out photos, as well as highlights from Blair, Nicole, and Brett! 


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