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    Ask anyone who loves books what the single most important thing they can spend time doing is, and I’ll bet my Harry Potter novels that it will involve their bookcase. More specifically, organizing the contents of their bookcase.

    For people who enjoy reading and love actual books (you know, the kind printed on dead trees), their bookcase is not just a piece of furniture, but something that they will spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about, analyzing and generally lose an entire day working on to get looking “just right”. Your bookcase is a reflection of you and who you are, and how your books are organized, what books you have, what authors you feature prominently all say something about you. And more than anything, you want people to stand in awe of your books and say “Man, nice bookcase.”

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  • One is the Dark Knight, a vigilante hero that fights to bring sanity to his world and peace to his life. After watching the brutal murder of his parents, Bruce Wayne made the decision to dedicate his life to bringing the scum and insanity that had taken over his home of Gotham City to justice. Along with Robin, the Boy Wonder, he operates in darkness and calls himself The Batman.

    The other is the King of the Beats, a writer who helped create a new way to write and a new way to live. He spent the bulk of his life traveling cross country, on the road with assorted fellow travelers who helped him to shape his prose and populated his novels, all becoming part of his legend; the legend of Jack Kerouac.
    At first glance, these two icons of literature would seem to have absolutely nothing in common; one of them isn’t even a real person. But upon further inspection, you would be very surprised to discover that Batman and Jack Kerouac are much more similar than you would ever begin to imagine.

  • There are so many fantastic love stories in the world that it is hard to narrow them down to the very best. Comic books are no exception.

    Love stories abound in the colorful pages of some of the most well known funny books. There is constant discussion of Clark and Lois, Cyclops and Jean Grey. Spider-Man and Mary Jane, but these are not the greatest tales of love in the world of comics, they are simply the most well known.

    In order to find the greatest comic book love stories, it is necessary to look in some strange places.

  • I started reading comic books that I bought off the spinner racks in grocery stores in the 1980s. Back then, mini-series were going through a thing. They were important. The original Wolverine mini-series, for example, is what turned Logan from a berserk brute into a more nuanced character.

    So here are six mini-series I bought back then that I'll never forget. In chronological order.


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