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Six Ways to Make Reading More Fun for Kids

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Sharing books with your kids is one of the greatest joys of parenting—but that doesn't mean it's always easy. It's hard to show off the magic of the written word when there's all kinds of fun toys and screens lying just out of reach. Here are six ideas to liven up story time and make your kiddos into budding bookworms.

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How to Read Like a Kid Again

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Do you remember what reading was like as a kid? Making weekly trips to the library to pick out ANY BOOK that you wanted. Intensively listening as someone read a story out loud to you and your peers. Looking in wonder at the pictures that went along with the words.

Even if you're an avid reader now, there's no denying that reading was a lot more enjoyable back then. Thankfully, that magic isn't gone. Here are five ways to tap into your inner child and make that next book on your to-read list a little more exceptional.

How to Teach a Kid to Cook

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The best way to keep your kids busy and to get a good dinner on the table is to enlist their help! Here are some tips on how to create a future foodie from Stuff Every Mom Should Know.

Dress Your Kid Like: Scott Schuman

When it comes to kids clothes, it can be hard to assemble a polished look that can withstand a youngster's energy. But if there's anyone who knows how to merge fashion and utility, it's style photographer and blogger Scott Schuman.

Dress Your Kid Like: Amy Sedaris

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If you need help trying to forget the Jerri Blank years (but why would you?), you might want grab a copy of Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People by Amy Sedaris. Even though cracking open this book of activities is like opening a door to a haunted dollhouse, there's no denying the charm in her well, quirky outfits.

A peculiar mix between a 1960's kindergarten teacher and an overzealous but failing Stepford wife, the retro patterns and exaggerated cuts actually make for sweet play clothes. If you've got a funny girl in the family, check out this DIY ensemble.

The 6 Rules of Giving Birth on Sitcoms (or Why I Would Still Be Pregnant if I Was on Murphy Brown)

Having a baby is not easy, but having a baby in a sitcom seems like a gauntlet of slap-stickery. There are so many moments primed for canned laughter timed with delightful story clichés.

Think you’re ready to head to the hospital? Here are the six guidelines from our sitcom playbook outlining how to properly deliver your precious new plot point.

The Parenting Playlist 002: Keeping Calm and Carrying On

Not knowing is the worst. As someone who is brand new to this whole ‘creating life’ business, I have found that pregnancy is not all baby-showers and name books. Yes there was that initial burst of unbelievable excitement (“I did WHAT?”) but then, as the reality sets in, there is a lot of waiting. A lot.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. In our age of instantaneous gratification, there is something to be said for waiting for something, especially when that something is going to be the light of your life.

So we wait. Like many other parents-to-be we go through the ups and downs together. I’ve learned quickly that crackers and ginger ale are no longer just food items, but essential medicine to have on-hand at all times. I’ve learned that there are going to be nights where my wife will be awake from four to six, and other days where she will want to go to bed around 7pm. After having taken a nap.


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