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Writing is hard. If you don’t think so, you’re not doing it right. You can love it, enjoy it, and have a great time writing but it’s still hard work. It’s easy to get discouraged, to have no idea where to start, to think you can’t do it, and to want to quit before you even sit down. That’s why I like to follow authors: they motivate me, inspire me, remind me everyone struggles, no one is a success over night. While no one can actually make you sit down and do the work, here’s a little help in the inspiration, motivation, and learning department.



It’s a universally agreed upon fact: you never grow out of loving dinosaurs. Using plastic dinosaur toys from the dollar or party store to add a little pre-history chic in the home or office. Grab a few tools, some glue, and a sense of awestruck wonder at the majesty of Jurassic beasts, and you’ll be ready to get crafty!

Comic book superheroes are a strange class of folks. Is there anything more unusual than a flying man wearing his underwear on the outside of his leggings, or a giant green behemoth with the language skills of a toddler, dressed in a pair of purple shorts, smashing everything in his path? The League of Regrettable Superheroes rebuttal: Yes! Even among the cape-and cowl set, you'll find much stranger characters (which is one of the reasons superhero comics are so great). And among LORS elite roster of oddballs, here are a few of the weirdest superheroes ever published--which makes them the oddest of the odd.


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Every Wednesday, we offer advice and strategies to survive all of the most dire and urgent circumstances, as well as some of the more common scenarios we all deal with.

This week we've got an excerpt from The Worst-Case Scenario Almanac: Great Outdoors. School is ending, summer is starting, and camping season is up and running. Any good woodsman (or woman) knows that preparedness is key. We all know how to deal with bear attacks and long car trips, but what about the real threat out there in the wild? What about... BIGFOOT?! Hopefully this guide will save you from becoming a Little Splat under a Big Foot. 

We know a doomed character when we read one. Of course, we would never be dense enough to go down that dark alley alone looking for clues, or decide to take a shower right after being chased through an old hotel. But is surviving a muder mystery really that easy? Inspired by the new anthology, Manhattan Mayhem, edited by Mary Higgins Clark, here's a flowchart to test your sluething metal and measure your chance of survival in a gritty murder mystery. 



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