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"It's like geek heaven, you gotta check it out!" — anonymous guy on his phone at our BEA/Bookcon booth, who basically gave us the best endorsement ever. 

Remember the days when you used to get excited about getting mail? Back when we used to get more than spam and bills? Bring back those days with personal notes and letters sent in your own handmade envelopes! Use these instructions to make your own envelopes to fit any size letter or card.

Somebody--I think it was Aquaman--once noted that criminals are a cowardly and superstitious lot. Which is why so many superheroes prey upon crooks’ apparent fear of the mysterious and supernatural. And let's face it, when shopping for frightening guises, a hero could do worse than flip through Mother Goose and the Brothers Grimm for inspiration, what with all those wolves and bears and diabetes-inducing candy houses. Here are a few crimefighters from The League of Regrettable Superheroes who apparantly drew on fairy tales and other fantastic literature for their varying degrees of success.

It's BEA & BookCon week, folks! And we couldn't be more honored to share the show floor with you! Come by our booth (#3250) this week, so we can hang out with our totes out!

Check our author signings and book drop schedule below for optimal booth drive-bys. 

If you're an active bookternet-keteer, it has probably not escaped your notice that Book Expo America is this week. But what is this mysterious gathering of the publishers that everyone's been talking, tweeting, and tumbling about? Never fear! With this little beginner's guide, I will be the Virgil to your Dante and lower you into the seven circles of the book biz.

(Note: accuracy not guarnateed; I was writing most of this from memory). ONWARD!


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