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This week as we continue to celebrate the relase of Manhattan Mayhem, a new mystery anthology from the Mystery Writers of America, we've got even more authors and their favorite places in New York City. Is danger lurking? Perhaps, or it could just be a suspense author plotting their next thriller in a crowded Manhattan resturant. 

As someone who has just had to move twice in as many months, I can tell you right now that I'm intimately acquainted with the struggle of moving books. Nothing is worse than having to reconfigure your book collection to a new layout or a place that can't accomodate as many bookshelves (quel horreur!). I used to be the kind of person who thought there was no such a thing as too many books, but my back and sanity disagree. Next time you want to move your massive book collection to a new place, here are some tips to keep you sane.

The truth is, we never really grow out of our childhood love affair with dinosaurs. Make these terrible lizards part of your home or office with these easy to DIY dinosaur magnets. No need for the lysine contingency here – these dinos definitely won’t reproduce in the wild. And by using sturdy magnets, there’s no risk of escape! No risk at all…

(Image taken by Axel Taferner)

We are changing things up a little this week for our NYC event roundup. Along with some highlighted events, we’ve added our suggestions for places to go before and after to round out a totally bookish and artsy day. Tweet at @QuirkBooks to let us know where you went!

Long after the dinosaurs toppled from the top of the food chain and into extinction, they continue to dominate pop culture. From books to movies to television shows, they range from the really good (Jurassic Park) to the really bad (Jurassic Park III) to the utterly ridiculous (Tammy and the T-Rex). But no matter how bad or ridiculous, they always draw an audience. If you know you'll leave the theater after Jurassic World is over and still want more dinosaurs, you’ll want to add these five books to your summer reading list.


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