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Every Wednesday, we offer advice and strategies to survive all of the most dire and urgent circumstances, as well as some of the more common scenarios we all deal with.

This week we've got an excerpt from The Worst-Case Scenario Almanac: Great Outdoors. School is ending, summer is starting, and camping season is up and running. Any good woodsman (or woman) knows that preparedness is key. We all know how to deal with bear attacks and long car trips, but what about the real threat out there in the wild? What about... BIGFOOT?! Hopefully this guide will save you from becoming a Little Splat under a Big Foot. 

We know a doomed character when we read one. Of course, we would never be dense enough to go down that dark alley alone looking for clues, or decide to take a shower right after being chased through an old hotel. But is surviving a muder mystery really that easy? Inspired by the new anthology, Manhattan Mayhem, edited by Mary Higgins Clark, here's a flowchart to test your sluething metal and measure your chance of survival in a gritty murder mystery. 


Wildflowers, a favorite of Marianne Dashwood, and tentacles, both feature elegantly in Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters. Tentacles curled around wildflowers make delightful hair fascinators and are perfect for pleasant afternoons spent picnicking and/or battling monsters of the deep. These flowery accessories are easy to whip up with just a few supplies!

Gather your materials:


It’s another busy week for literary events in New York City. Check out the latest installment of the Franklin Park Reading Series, or watch Emma Straub host her fake talk show with fabulous guests.  Celebrate some debut novelists, or hear about new books from Kate Atkinson and Jami Attenberg. Make sure to tweet at us to let us know where you went!

Prison’s hard, yo! Just ask the ladies of Orange is the New Black who deal with kitchen wars, psycho guards, religious extremism, baby-mama drama, love feuds, back stabbing, manipulation, the SHU… 

Okay, so yes, they’re in prison for a reason and it’s supposed to be punishment but I think the prison library can do with some new books to keep these ladies sane—and teach a few of them a thing or two. So let’s smuggle in some books!—

(Er… Dear NSA, what I meant was I’m going to legally donate to the OITNB prison library for season 3, premiering this Friday.)


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