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It's the time of year that every student loves: Spring Break. Before you pack your bags for the trip to Mexico or Florida, we would like to make some recommendations for literary travel companions to take along with you on the journey.

Planning all the meals you'll eat for a week can save you a long and pizza-heavy transition period after your dining hall life. Excerpted from Stuff Every Graduate Should Know, here are some tips about creating a meal plan and how to go grocery shopping like an adult:

There are many ways for a journalist to spice up the newsfeed these days. Scary anecdotes about spiders living in women’s ears or bizarre science discoveries for example. But not too long ago, the go-to sensational pieces in respectable newspapers were about ghosts and haunted houses.

(Image via Simini Blocker)

Girl squads are all the rage these days and here at Quirk we couldn’t be happier. There’s nothing more fulfilling than the intense bond of female friendship. We’ve rounded up a few of the best groups in contemporary literature for all your patriarchy dismantling needs.

In our anticipation of Archer Season 7, we imagined all the awesomeness that their book club would be—and by imagined we mean in our minds this is real:

Archer, finally sick of yelling “read a book” at everyone, made his coworkers get library cards. Given how annoying Archer is when he wants you to do something—plus libraries are awesome—everyone obliged. Except Mallory, she stayed home to finally read the books on her shelf, drink in hand, while ignoring Archer’s calls.


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