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In our anticipation of Archer Season 7, we imagined all the awesomeness that their book club would be—and by imagined we mean in our minds this is real:

Archer, finally sick of yelling “read a book” at everyone, made his coworkers get library cards. Given how annoying Archer is when he wants you to do something—plus libraries are awesome—everyone obliged. Except Mallory, she stayed home to finally read the books on her shelf, drink in hand, while ignoring Archer’s calls.

We already know Archer is a reader. He’s even gone so far as to determine himself to be a “Kristy, with maybe like a dash of a Claudia” from The Baby-Sitters Club books. So we’re preparing for the March 31stSeason 7 premiere of this hilarious and smart show with a mash-up of Archer + famous literary quotes.

Happy Easter! Since we all know one of the best things to do on Easter is find Easter eggs, here are a few you can find in William Shakespeare’s Revenge of the Sith:

We've got our competitive Easter bonnets on, baskets in hand, waiting to get our egg hunt on! To make your Easter eggs extra literary, here are some printable egg wraps!

Despite some wild weather, Spring is officially here! Celebrate the end of winter with a fresh crop of the best links on the web. There’s some wonderful news for fans of The Little Prince, and a bunch of great recipes and crafts for both Easter and Purim. You’re sure to find something to make your day a little brighter and your start to Spring a little warmer.


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