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Shed those layers, book fiends. Warmer months are up ahead. Here at Quirk, we’ve compiled a list of books to help ease you into summer. 

Lord of the Flies by William Golding

Yeah, it’s tropical, which makes this a summer pick. Required summer reading for school? Maybe. But is it lighthearted? Before you answer, think about Simon. Yeah, that’s what we thought. Lord of the Flies is a classic example of books packed with allegory. Take heed. Of course, if you read this one in high school like the majority of us, you get it. And if you haven’t read it yet, pick up a copy and find out what happens when a bunch of young boys try to govern themselves on a deserted island. 


This One Summer by Jillian and Mariko Tamaki

This graphic novel covers some heavy material, like family troubles and teenage pregnancy, but it still pulls off that carefree summertime vibe, making it a perfect transition to spring. Together, Rose, Windy, and their summer at Awago Beach create a read that will make you miss things like gummy feet and hot weather without the responsibility of adulting. What’s also interesting about this one is the point of view; Rose is the main character, and yet her insightfulness gives us a surprisingly detailed view of others in the town, like the teen locals.


Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge by Paul Krueger (out June 7th)

What gets you ready for summer better than a summer release? This “new adult” novel follows Bailey Chen, who is fresh out of college with zero job offers…besides a gig she manages to grab at a bar. For those who have just graduated, this is the perfect summer read, complete with bartenders who mix magical cocktails to defeat demons, the woes of being a new adult, and the awesome backdrop that is Chicago. That’s the dream, right? To mix alcoholic beverages that can make you invisible or super strong? Hell yeah.


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