It just so happens that we have six, yes you read correctly, six production prints from the Gig Posters: Volume 1 calendar to give away.

These are huge high quality production prints on heavy weight poster paper. That way the poster won’t get too damaged when you drool all over it while admiring the awesome artwork. Featured artists include Feist (pictured!), Beck, James Brown, Juliett & the Licks, Queens of the Stone Age and Danzig

How does one win such a sweet poster you might ask? It’s so easy that a pre-rehab rock star could do it. All you have to do is post a comment about your favorite band. Be sure to include your email address, so we can contact you! We will chose six of you at random and send you one of the posters.

It’s that simple. Then you can gloat to all your friends about how you have some backstage production materials from Quirk.


That's kind of a tough one but I'm gonna have to go old-school metal and say Motorhead. It's something about their unapologetic attitude. That and their song Love Me Like A Reptile.

I have lots of favorite bands but this year I got to see both Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age live so they are the most fresh in my memory! bavarian at

These posters look gorgeous! Beck is one of my favorite artists, but with awesome work like that, any of these would be amazing to look at.

I guess my favorite would be Queen. Damn, am I old or what?

I love gig posters almost as much as I loved getting CDs and flying through the pictures stuffed inside the plastic cases. These posters are their own format, a nice little present that comes with the music experience, not to mention the lure that makes me want to steal them when I see them posted around cities for shows, to bring home, frame and love. My favorite music has to be any low-fi and their california colors (Best Coast, Beach House, Real Estate, Ducktails) and the ladies that make heartbreak sound beautiful (Feist, LanaDelRey, Regina). I'm obsessed with this book's varied art, and find it to be just as satisfying as the covers of vinyls, pricy prints found in stores, or any other music-deco for that matter.

It's a toughie but I'd go with Feist she accompanies me every morning on my walk before I go to crummy work and cheers me up. My Moon My Man is the best walking song ever!

This is great, I would love a new piece of beautiful artwork! My favorite musical artist can change depending on season/mood/location but right now I'm really into Tori Amos' new classical music concept album Night of Hunters its so beautiful and passionate and just all around wonderful! lkeily at ardentheatre dot org

My favorite band - Jethro Tull! Excellent music, intelligent lyrics, and they always put on an amazing show! qwill doht qwill aht gmail doht com

I guess I'd say the Duke Ellington Orchestra. Always fresh, always classy. Brilliantly fun and seductively moody. A true vintage classic that is never out of style.

My favorite music artist would have to be Feist. Not only has she consistently produced awesome music over years, but she's one of the artists I've consistently loved. Unlike the Hansons, Avril Lavignes, and Vampire Weekends of my life, Feist's music has never gotten old and tired. Also she's awesome live AND acoustic. Seriously. How many people can claim that? I know I can't, and I don't even sing.


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