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How-To Tuesday: How to Make Gummie Han Solos in Carbonite

Make your own tasty rebels snacks with these simple instructions for DIY gummie candies! These treats are ideal for Star Wars parties, movie marathons, or just hanging out in Jabba’s palace. You could even use them to fill your Death Star piñata!

Celebrate May the Fourth with a DIY Death Star Piñata!

I find your lack of candy disturbing...

Why did the Imperial forces keep rebuilding the same interstellar battle station? Clearly because it was full of candy. Make your own Death Star piñata for May the Fourth, a Star Wars birthday party, or a release party for Star Wars: The Force Awakens! (Bonus points if you use a lightsaber to take a whack at it!)

Bookish Events in New York City: May 4th–May 10th

It’s another amazing week for bookish events in New York City. Come out and celebrate debuts from authors like Amy Fleisher Madden and Zoe Pilger. If you missed out seeing Amber Tamblyn read at Housing Works a few weeks back, you’ll have another chance at the Strand on Thursday. There are even a few opportunities to support NYC writing programs at The New School and NYU. Make sure to tweet at us to let us know where you went!


Geek Wisdom for $3.99! 


The Fangirl's Guide to Lady Comics Geeks: The Extended Edition

For The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy, I wanted to speak the awesomest geeky gals in the biz, all about how their experience as a fan has influenced and shaped their lives. Unfortunately, due to a tight page count and a super-mean editor (just kidding, love you Blair! <3), we could only fit a few interviews into the final book. But there was so much goodness left over that I just had to share their geek girl wisdom with the world.

Today, I bring you some fangirl fabulousness from the wicked women of comics, including Janelle Asselin, Leigh Lahav, Amy Ratcliffe, Meaghan Carter, and Stephanie Cooke.

Shop Quirk Books Merchandise for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is fast upon us like a hungry lion upon an unsuspecting gazelle. But don't panic! We've curated the best kid-tested, mother-approved products in the Quirk Books Zazzle store. There's a little something for every mom, but mostly your mom.


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