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8 Fictional Realities Imagined As Oculus Rift Games

When I was a kid, all I wanted was to be able to step through the pages of my favorite book into the world its words described. A common fantasy, right? But now that virtual reality devices are hitting the mainstream market, my dream isn’t so farfetched any more. VR headsets will be on sale in time for the holidays, which made us at Quirk wonder…what would it be like if someone made games featuring our favorite fictional realities?

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Coziest Homes in Literature

The clocks have changed, the days are dark, and there is no better time to curl up in a cozy nook with your favorite read. There is something so magical about a good book in front of a roaring fire, or in a warm and welcoming living room. The world just slips away. In some cases, you even get double the coziness when a book transports you to another warm and snuggly spot. We’ve rounded up our favorite fictional homes that are just perfect for chilly days.

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Literary Holiday Movies

Christmas is just around the corner and while we’re daydreaming about decorating cookies and trimming the tree, we’re also making a list of all the movies we need to watch before December 25th.  In preparation for those pajama-clad nights in front of the television, here’s a list of our favorite Christmas movies and the books they’re based on. 

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Holiday Decals for Cat Castles

Happy book birthday to Cat Castles by Carin Oliver! To celebrate the book’s release, we’re sharing some exclusive downloadable decals to add holiday cheer to your own cat castle. Pick up a copy of the book and personalize your cat’s new habitat with a string of lights, icicles, snowmen, and pine trees! Pro-tip: the lights and icicles are tile-able so you’re able to make a continuous string.

You can find the PDF here. Enjoy!

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Fictional Characters Who Will Skip Your Holiday Party

Most of us adore the holidays and attending or hosting the parties that come along with them, but face it: there’s always a bit of anxiety over the guest list. Will your crush show up and stand underneath the mistletoe with you, or will you be stuck chatting with an obnoxious coworker at the punch bowl? Maybe it’s just better to sit the whole thing out…

In that spirit, we’ve found five fictional characters who won’t attend your holiday soiree…for better or for worse.

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Jim and Pam vs. Elizabeth and Darcy

Pop culture is full of slow-burn, will-they-or-won't-they couples. Luke and Lorelai. Ross and Rachel. Mary and Matthew. Ron and Hermione. Couples whose gradual, winding paths to each other inevitably twist their fandom's stomachs into bittersweet knots while the characters themselves burn with unresolved tension. These are the ships that may take years to sail, but when they do, it's a glorious sight to behold.

There's perhaps no better example of this in modern pop culture than the sweet, slow romance between paper salesman Jim Halpert and receptionist Pam Beesly on the TV series The Office. Their quiet flirtation eventually bloomed into a solid and lasting relationship that provided much of the heart of the show throughout its nine-season run.

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